Added site theme switcher

I’ve been trying to carve out some time this week to update my own website, something which I always mean to do but something else always seems more important or more urgent.

The feature I’ve just added was inspired by Léonie Watson’s website, and that’s to have a “dark” mode as well as the default “light” mode.  A simple switch allows the user to choose their preference, and this is remembered for next time using a cookie.

This was fun to build and hopefully will be of some use to people.  I know I certainly prefer to have most things in dark mode, and now my own website will be one of them.

Why I’ve gone dot-com

Two and a half years ago, I launched my new website.  At this time I deliberately shunned “” and instead decided to go with “”, essentially because I liked how short it was. So why the u-turn? Largely it comes down to professionalism.  There’s nothing wrong with having a catchy short URL and many very professional…

Subscribe options using IFTTT

I have recently added a couple of subscribe options to my blog, which if you’re viewing this on my site directly, and not via RSS, then you’ll see in the sidebar on the right. Currently I don’t want to manage my own email list, so I’ve set up a couple of recipes on IFTTT. If you’ve…

Partial stylesheet of shame

I came across an article a while ago, eloquently titled shame.css, written by a bit of a CSS hero, Henry Roberts.  In this article he argues that having a separate file for all of your hacky horrible workarounds is a really good idea, not actually for shaming anyone, but for the following reasons… They stick out like…