Advent calendar – summary

Day 25 – Summary

That’s not another cider, there were just the 24.  I’m also writing this one on Christmas eve, but I thought if I did it now, I can take tomorrow off without breaking the chain.

List in order

Here are all the Lilley’s Cider advent calendar ciders in order:

  1. Raspberry Mojito (4% lightly sparkling) – 3/5
  2. Fire Dancer (4.5% lightly sparkled, cloudy) – 4/5
  3. Pineapple (4% lightly sparkling) – 3/5
  4. Colider (4% lightly sparkled, cola cider) – 4/5
  5. Mulled (4% still) – 2/5
  6. Bee Sting (5.8% slightly sparkled, perry) – 4/5
  7. WooWoo (4% lightly sparkling) – 2/5
  8. Select (4.8% lightly sparkled, medium dry) – 5/5
  9. Mango (4% lightly sparkling) – 3/5
  10. Cheeky Pig (7.5% still, cider and perry blend) – 5/5
  11. Elderflower (4% lightly sparkled) – 5/5
  12. Peach (4% lightly sparkled) – 2/5
  13. Gladiator (8.4% still, medium) – 5/5
  14. Santa (6% still, cloudy, medium sweet) – 3/5
  15. Lemon & Lime (4% lightly sparkling) – 5/5
  16. Rhubarb (4% lightly sparkled) – 3/5
  17. Strawberry (4% lightly sparkled) – 3/5
  18. Gingerbread (4% lightly sparkling) – 5/5
  19. Apples & Pears (5.2% lightly sparkled) – 3/5
  20. Crazy Goat (6.8% still, cloudy) – 5/5
  21. Cherries & Berries (4% lightly sparkled) – 2/5
  22. Piña Colada (4% lightly sparkling) – 3/5
  23. Star Gazer (4.5% lightly sparkled, dry) – 5/5
  24. Tropical (4% lightly sparkled) – 2/5


I already knew that I favoured dry ciders, and that’s definitely been reflected in the scores that I gave.  I also knew that I liked Crazy Goat, as I’d had that one before.  So the stand outs for me where the Cheeky Pig, the Elderflower and the Gingerbread.  The Gladiator and Star Gazer will also be on my purchase list in future!


Looking at the website, there were some noticeable absences, which I would have loved to try:

  • Darkcider – “it has woody and caramel notes and has been carefully crafted to appeal more to ale drinkers” (7.5%)
  • Red Rabbit – “a rich and fruity rustic cider bursting with apple flavour. Cloudy and Medium Dry” (6%)
  • Wild Dog – “a traditional vintage cider left alone to ferment and mature creating a more wild and rustic cider” (7.5%)
  • Rum – “this unfiltered cider is smooth and mellow with a hint of rum” (4%)

This has definitely been a good way to try lots of their different flavours, and get in the mood for Christmas!

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