Get your own JS.ORG subdomain

Got a cool new javascript project that you want to have a website for, but you don’t want to cough up for a pricey domain and webhosting as it’s really just a labour of love and unlikely to provide any income?  Then I have the perfect solution for you… a free JS.ORG subdomain.

We don’t mind whether it’s a User-, Organization- or Project-Page – as long as you provide some reasonable content!

And it’s super easy to do, in just a few simple steps.

  1. Create a Github Pages site – so you need to sign into Github (or create an account if you don’t already have one) and create a new repository – if it’s for you personally then make it your username (eg., or you can use your project or organisation name here instead.  You can use themes, or a static site generator such as Jekyll, or a simple HTML or Markdown page.
  2. Choose your new subdomain – this needs to be relevant to your new Github Pages URL (eg. – for projects you can use a folder name within this URL (see wiki for more information).
  3. Create a CNAME file with a single line containing the new URL you have chosen (eg. – this is used to allow the DNS mapping from to – publish this into your repository created in step 1.
  4. Go to the “cnames_active.js” file in the JS.ORG repository and make a pull request, adding your new domain into the list in alphabetical order (not at the bottom!). The line should look something like this…
"riklewis": "",

And there you go, as long as there’s no naming conflict, your new URL should be live within 24 hours.  Enjoy!

You can get more details at (where you can also donate towards their registrar fees, if you’d like to).

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