Website launch

It’s way beyond time that I had my own website, on which to host my own projects.  Whilst working on this, I’ve been researching and making decisions, and learning new skills along the way.  So I’ve decided to create a new blog, documenting some of this as I go, mostly for my own benefit looking back, but maybe it’ll be of use to someone else too.

So, my new website…

Firstly, how did I go about choosing this URL?  The classic format these days is (firstname)(lastname).com, so that would be for me, which was available to me.  In fact, and were available as well.  Apparently “riklewis” isn’t a very popular name!  I guess I liked that fact that it was a short top level domain, but also gave me the flexibility to just use Rik.  If you want more information on .ONL, you can check out

I’ve previously had projects on different URLs, but I’m starting to merge those into my own site now.  These include…

There’s a few posts I want to write to catch up to where I am now, and then after that I’ll be continuing to update as I go.

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