New Year’s resolution

I don’t usually do New Year’s resolutions, I figure that if you want to achieve something then you should set that goal straight away, rather than arbitrarily doing it once a year.  However, it’s been almost 6 months since I put up a new blog post, and that’s just not acceptable!

So, my New Year’s resolution is… to update this blog at least once a week.

I’ve been busy in the last 6 months, very busy!  Here are a few highlights…

I’ve created a new website for the lovely Emma Malik – world renowned comedian.  This was a really interesting project, working on someone else’s personal site, to their requirements, but putting into practise the security and performance tricks I’d learnt working on my own site, and my many years of professional experience.

I’ve been freelancing in my spare time on PeoplePerHour.  This has been great fun, as I love taking on new projects and solving problems, and some of the projects have already pushed me outside of my comfort zone – I love learning new things!

I’ve been getting into WordPress development a lot, largely as part of the freelancing.  As an application, it’s come a long way from when I’d previously looked at it, many years ago.  I’m liking it a lot, and may look at migrating this blog over, when I get more time to think through the logistics of it.

I’ve been working on and published my first course on Skillshare.  This is entitled Optimising your website: A development workflow with Git and Gulp, and it’s based on the series of blog posts that I started to write, about my New development process with Git and Gulp and First Gulp task – concatenation.  It goes through many more steps through the process that I’ve built, but also, doesn’t include everything.  I will be looking to create more courses to go into further detail with optimisation, and also a security-focused workflow course.  I plan to retroactively blog about each part as well, so look out for those posts over the next few weeks.  Should help me keep my resolution for January at least!

Looking forward to a productive and eventful 2018!  I hope you are too.