Better Detection – a new WordPress plugin

A couple of months ago I wrote a post about WordPress plugins for Better Security, in which I talked about the two WordPress plugins that I’d already published (Better Passwords and Better Headers), both of which have been updated since.  I also teased that I was working on a third.  Well today I can announce that it has been published!

Better Detection

Improve the security of your website by detecting unexpected changes to content

This plugin will create and store hashes of content (eg. posts, pages, etc.) and monitor these moving forwards in order to detect when changes occur. When changes are made outside of the normal working process, such as a direct database update, this will then be detected as the hash will get out of sync with the content.

When unusual changes are detection, you can be notified via email or a Slack message, using their webhook API.

Download Better Detection from

Better Speed

That’s right, I’ve already started work on another plugin.  This one isn’t so much about security like the other ones have been, but more about performance and optimisation.  WordPress has some bloat and features which aren’t required, but don’t have an off switch – this plugin aims to add those off switches, allowing you to create a more streamlined website.

It will not attempt to provide any caching functionality, there are more than enough plugins that do that already, but it should play nicely with caching plugins.