Optimising your website: A development workflow continued with Gulp 4

I’ve been working on another course, the (long awaited?) follow up to my Optimising your website: A development workflow with Git and Gulp course.

This course takes the project as it was at the end of the first course, and then takes the workflow even further, optimising the site more and more with each video.

One of the main pieces of feedback I’ve had is that the first course is based on Gulp 3, and that’s right, the latest version at the time of recording was version 3.9.1.  The first things that’s covered in this follow up course is how to convert to Gulp 4, upgrading your Gulpfile and getting everything running smoothly.

There were also a few things that I hinted at in the first course, which I failed to actually include in depth – these have been covered in this follow up course as well.

The following videos are included…

  1. Course Introduction
  2. Sample Project
  3. Converting to Gulp 4
  4. Running NPM Audit
  5. Updating All Packages
  6. Load Plugins Automatically
  7. Leverage Browser Caching
  8. Enable Server Compression
  9. Modern Image Formats
  10. HTML Minification
  11. Purifying Stylesheets
  12. Using jQuery Slim
  13. Inlining Small Assets
  14. Course Summary

This course is now live on Skillshare and Udemy.