Blogging streak

Seth Godin (legend!) wrote recently about Streaks and how they are their reward.

Streaks create internal pressure that keeps streaks going.

You may have noticed, you may not, but this is the 32nd blog post in a row that has been posted every 3 days.  That’s a 3 month streak of regular blogging, the kind of thing I imagined when I wrote on my Now page that I was trying to post regularly this year.

That’s not quite on a par with Seth’s 11 years of posting every day, but I’m still pretty pleased, and feel that I’ve set the momentum now, moving from practice into habit.

I’m not quite sure how I settled on 3 days really.  I sat down one day and wrote a number of posts, so I had a few posts that I wanted to get out, but didn’t want them all tripping over each other.  I felt that 3 days was long enough for each one to get a bit of “front page” air time, but quick enough to get the content out in a reasonable time.

And then I just kept the streak going.