Cloudflare Members

There’s some fairly recently added functionality in Cloudflare which is super useful, especially if you’re a freelancer or agency that manages multiple Cloudflare accounts for different clients, and it’s called “Members”.

In short it works by inviting someone to join your account as a member.  If you’re on the Free plan then they are automatically granted “Administrator” access, which allows them to manage all of your settings, but it does not give them access to edit your Billing or Members details – these are reserved for you as the “Super Administrator”.  On the paid tiers you have much more flexibility over granted them specific access rights, depending on your requirements.

For me, who has my own account on the Free tier, and manages a number of other other Free accounts, I have the username/password for each of those accounts in order for me to manage them.  But there’s one big benefit of inviting my own account to be a Member of each of the other accounts has one big benefit – I can manage all of them without logging out of my own account to log into theirs.  This saves me constantly logging in and out, with 2FA (because you should always setup 2FA if the option is provided!) and forgetting which account I’m logged in with when I wander onto the Cloudflare Community to see if I can answer any questions.

The best thing is that it’s really easy to do, and just works.  Log into the account you want to be able to manage and on the home screen of the dashboard (where you choose the site you want to manage) choose the “Members” tab, it’ll give you a view something like this…

All you need to do is enter the email address of your own Cloudflare account and click [Invite].  You’ll get an email with a invitation link, which you click and then confirm by clicking [Join].  Now they are added to your account as an option in the dropdown in the very top left by the Cloudflare logo.  This allows you to switch between accounts, and from there switch between sites within that account.  I like that it doesn’t merge all the sites together and keeps them separate.

If you’re inviting someone else to manage your Cloudflare account, I strongly advise that you enable the “Member 2FA enforcement” option, forcing them to use 2FA to access your account.