Better Security Pro is coming

Earlier this year I released two new security plugins to the WordPress plugin library; Better Passwords and Better Headers.  I then followed that up a couple of months later with an announcement of a third plugin; Better Detection.  These are all available for free from the WordPress plugin library.

Today I am announcing that since then I have been working on a new security plugin, which will be called Better Security Pro.

This will combine the functionality of the existing plugins, as well as improving them in places, and also add a few new features, including…

  • Check PHP version is up to date
  • Check WordPress version is up to date
  • Check for known vulnerabilities in currently installed WordPress version
  • Check installed themes are up to date
  • Check for known vulnerabilities in all currently installed themes
  • Check installed plugins are up to date
  • Check for known vulnerabilities in all currently installed plugins

As with Better Detection, all issues are flagged in the admin panel, as well as notifications optionally sent via email and/or Slack.

Many more features are planned, but I wanted to get the plugin out there as soon as possible, rather than wait until all the features had been added.  For this reason, whilst this new plugin will require a paid API key to fully function, anyone signing up to be a beta tester will receive a free lifetime licence.  That’s right, free for life!

If you’re interested, please email [email protected] to register your interest.

New website coming soon at – watch this space!

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