Focusing on Udemy

I have produced a number of courses, which were originally published on Skillshare and then more recently on Udemy as well.  However, it has recently been brought to my attention that theses courses are not a good fit for the Skillshare platform.

Skillshare focuses primarily on project-based skill learning.  This means that students have to complete their homework (project) so that they can upload it to the project gallery.  As I am more interested in helping people achieve their goals by improving the speed and security of their own websites, rather than set them homework, we must part ways.

For this reason, I will be removing my courses from Skillshare, and focusing solely on Udemy moving forwards.

I also admit that the audio quality of the courses so far is not the best, but I hope to improve this for future courses, with the possibility of recording updated versions of my earlier courses, time permitting.