Do a little good with Kiva

Anyone else fed up of all the Black Friday and Cyber Monday deal emails?   I’ve had so many from some companies, multiple a day, that I’ve been forced to unsubscribe, even though I usually like their emails!

Well today I’d like to discuss something very different, and that’s Kiva.

In their words…

Kiva is different from traditional charities because you get to choose who to support, and your contribution is a loan, not a donation.

This means that 100% of your loan goes to support the borrower, and once they’ve re-paid the loan, you can lend it again to someone else.  You choose who you want to lend it to (unless you’re using the new auto-lend feature) and you can filter by gender, country, industry, etc.

It really is that simple, I was gifted my first $25 and so far I’ve loaned it out 4 times.  That’s four Kenyan women who have had the opportunity to finance their venture and made enough of a success of it to repay the loan, and that feels good.

So go ahead, sign up to Kiva now and do some good.