Everything is Cyber-Broken

“Everything is Cyber-Broken” is a talk that Troy Hunt and Scott Helme have been giving at NDC conferences for the past couple of years.  They’ve never been recorded, as they’re more casual in nature and less scripted.  Obviously they’re a little different every time, discussing the latest in the infosec and cybersecurity realms, but I’ve always wanted to go to one.

Well, now that the world is falling apart, my opportunity has presented itself.  They are doing Everything is Cyber-Broken, The Online Edition.

This will happen on Monday, that’s the 23rd of March.  Here in the UK, it’ll be at 9am.  And it’ll be totally free, going out on Youtube live, so you don’t even need to register.

I can’t give you a link yet, as it’s not been published, but if you click back into the blog post above on the day of, a link will have been included at the top.

Don’t miss out on this rare opportunity to see these great guys in action, live and interactive.