Secure content in Brave

If you’re anything like me, you’re frustrated by how many popups you get in browsers and on websites these days – it’s like a minefield!

So I’m not overly surprised that the first time I visited Netflix using the Brave browser I dismissed a rather important request to install and allow the Widevine plugin.  Unfortunately this is required by sites like Netflix and Spotify in order to secure their content, and my decision to not install it was cached.  I couldn’t find it in the settings at all, or get it to re-appear, until I followed these steps…

  1. Go to Netflix or Spotify and put the Brave Shield down – this is done by clicking on the Brave logo on the right of the address bar and then using the toggle at the top…
  2. Click on the 3-bar menu icon on the right of the address bar and choose “Open Guest Window”
  3. Navigate back to Spotify/Netflix in this new guest window and try to access the content
  4. You should now see the popup – this time click “Allow”!
  5. Go back to your original window and refresh – you should see content now
  6. Put the shield UP again – no one wants all that tracking

So it appears that the Brave browser caches this popup per user, so you need to access the page again for a different user in order to get it to re-appear.  However, once the plugin is installed, it is installed for all users.