Use of affiliate links

Disclaimer: Sometimes my blog posts include affiliate links.

I decided a long time ago not to have adverts on this site, and used to have a little affiliate banner along the top, although I got rid of that in the latest re-design.

Having said that, web hosting costs money, and if I can add a little passive income to my life, I’m going to.  But I don’t want to keep pointing out which links are affiliate links and which ones aren’t.

There are two main reasons for this…

  1. It usually detracts from what I’m trying to say (links are dropped in as part of the conversation flow, in most cases)
  2. I only link to things that I would link to anyway – this is really key!

This is my website, my brand, my online representation of myself.  I don’t link to things that I don’t endorse, or use myself and trust.  If I’ve added an affiliate link, it’s because I’ve gone to the hassle of setting up the affiliate account, and I’ve done that because I plan to talk about this product or service a lot.

What I do not do, and will never do, is randomly sign up for an affiliate and specifically talk about it for the sole purpose of posting the link.  I write and post the content that I want to, and if it includes a link, that only adds weight to the fact that I would happily recommend the product or service.