It’s raining domains

Today I was looking to purchase a domain name for my son, who is currently 3.  I figure that getting a domain of our own name is only going to get harder and harder.  And even now, the best one I could get was a .me, certainly not .com or

He has one now though, and I feel good about that.  I’m going to domain squat on that until he’s old enough to tell me he either wants it (presumably with lots of gratitude) or I’ll release it back into the wild because there’s some new cool top-level domain that all the kids are using, or URLs don’t exist at all and it’s all emojis or something.

Anyway, whilst I was domain shopping, I thought I’d purchase myself a few extra ones, make sure no one was tainting my good name!

In the end I snapped up these ones…

All of them now redirect here (thanks to Cloudflare page rules) to the original