Advent calendar – day 18

Day 18 – Gingerbread


A nice surprise in my Lilley’s Cider advent calendar this morning, a 4% lightly sparkling Gingerbread cider.  I like the taste of ginger; ginger beer, ginger tea, ginger biscuits, gingerbread.  And this one feels like a nice Christmassy wintery one as well, so definitely looking forward to this evening.


This one was exactly what it said on the bottle (almost – I’ll come back to that).  It was absolutely the taste of gingerbread, and really warmed me up in a strange way, as I’d chilled it so technically it was cold, but the taste of ginger always has a warming affect on me.  Very delicious, very gingery with a little bit of  fire, all round a very nice cider for winter.

I will however add that this was definitely a still cider, despite the label saying it was lightly sparkling.  There was no hint of sparkle whatsoever.  But I found that suited the taste anyway, so definitely not complaining.

An excellent cider that tastes exactly like gingerbread – 5/5.