Advent calendar – day 21

Day 21 – Cherries & Berries


This morning I have pulled out a Cherries & Berries cider from my Lilley’s Cider advent calendar.  Based on the label alone, this will include the taste of cherries, raspberries, blueberries and blackberries.  My son loves cherries and berries squash, so perhaps this will be better than it sounds.


Unfortunately this was not one of my favourites. Initially it was more of the berries that I was getting, but the aftertaste was quite a bitter cherry taste, and as I’m not a fan of cherries, this did rather let the drink down.  It was also a little sweet for my liking, another 4% lightly sparkled offering.  I think if you like cherries that would certainly help, and I imagine it would be an excellent drink for a lazy summer’s afternoon, but not so much for me.

If you like cherries (and berries) then give this a go – 2/5.