I love hearing from new people and discussing potential projects or anything involving web development, security, accessibility, or similar. There are different ways though, and I won’t reply to everything, sorry!

Email: [email protected]

Email is probably the best way to contact me when initiating conversation. I can’t promise you won’t disappear into my spam filter, but if you do, blame Gmail!

LinkedIn: riklewis

I use LinkedIn for business contacts, so I’m happy to accept most requests. I tend to get a lot of job hunters message me (don’t we all?) so I’m sorry if I don’t reply to all of them.

Facebook: riklewis

I use Facebook for personal stuff, so if we haven’t met in person, I probably won’t accept a friend request.

Twitter: rik_lewis

I do use Twitter but as I manage a few different accounts, I don’t always see DMs or mentions. And yes, it does annoy me a little that someone already had @riklewis and doesn’t even use it!

Mastodon: [email protected]

I haven’t really figured out Mastodon yet, but just in case Twitter really does go down the pan…