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This is a list of my top ten most downloaded scripts.

Batch Art Finder 4.2

Downloaded 64,811 times - Download now!
- Rated 4.2 by 321 users

This is the long awaited batch version of my Google Art Finder script. It checks all your albums, lists all with no art and queries google for the images. When you got all you want hit the save button and all your tracks will be updated.

There is also an option to include your non-album tracks in the batch. I recommend using the maximum batch size option to avoid slow performance. The next button can then be used to quickly start the next batch.

Last modified: July 3rd 2012 (12 years ago) - Support forum
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A-B Looper 2.0

Downloaded 49,041 times - Download now!
- Rated 3.0 by 29 users

Whilst playing the song you wish to loop, run this script. Select your [A] and [B] and click 'Loop'.

The song will continue looping from A-B until you click stop or skip to the next track - pausing the song will not break out of the loop.

Last modified: April 28th 2008 (16 years and 2 months ago) - Support forum
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Album Art Tagger 5.2

Downloaded 45,758 times - Download now!
- Rated 4.2 by 244 users

This script runs many processes which allow you to tag your tracks with current artwork in batches. A confirmation screen is always shown before any changes are made, which has checkboxes to allow you to chose which tracks are updated.

The processes are:

01. Extract artwork (copy from tag to mask)
02. Embed artwork (copy from mask to tag)
03. Remove artwork (delete from tag)
04. Extract artwork and resize external image
05. Remove artwork not matching storage
06. Remove artwork not matching size
07. Remove artwork which is invalid
08. Remove artwork except first image
09. Assign a front cover image
10. Set artwork description of images
11. Embed artwork (convert link to tag)
12. Rename linked artwork to folder.jpg
13. Rename linked artwork to mask
14. Edit images one by one (no confirmation)
15. Remove artwork not matching cover type
16. Make front cover the first image

Last modified: October 27th 2013 (10 years and 8 months ago) - Support forum
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Genre Finder 5.0

Downloaded 36,743 times - Download now!
- Rated 4.3 by 160 users

This script is powered by - it processes the selected tracks and gets the genre. If the genre cannot be found for the track then the artists genre is used instead. There are options to specify a white or black list to improve results.

This script now handles multiple fields similtaneously, and can work in track, artist or album mode.

Last modified: August 5th 2012 (11 years and 11 months ago) - Support forum
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Monkey Rok 6.2

Downloaded 35,958 times - Download now!
- Rated 4.6 by 222 users

This script was originally created by oldskool73. It is a context panel much like the one which Amarok has. It shows song details, album details, and related albums and tracks by the artist. It now features an album art window and many customisable features, including different skins...

nohitter151 - LastFM, Vitreous.
DreadM - 7on, Agora, Delletronic, Eclipse, GrauGr´┐Żn, Ion, Noir, Songbird, Vision, Mellon.
Eyal - Carbon, Helium, Spotify.

Last modified: July 6th 2014 (10 years ago) - Support forum
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MusicIP Tagger 2.0

Downloaded 30,683 times - Download now!
- Rated 4.0 by 159 users

This script uses the MusicIP system to acoustically analyse each track to create a PUID and then querys the MusicIP database to retrieve title, artist, release year and genre. This script will therefore process any number of tracks from any album, which makes it different from other search scripts.

Last modified: July 28th 2012 (11 years and 11 months ago) - Support forum
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Advanced Report 6.4

Downloaded 26,113 times - Download now!
- Rated 4.1 by 91 users

This script creates a single HTML document listing all your artists, click to view their albums, click to view an albums tracks. Track and album display customisable with masks - includes album artwork!

Also allows you to copy all local images to a folder, and create a separate page for each artist and album. This means making an online catalogue of your music has never been easier!

There is an options pane which allows you to customise the output completely and remembers your previous settings!

Last modified: June 24th 2014 (10 years ago) - Support forum
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Duplicate Report 3.0

Downloaded 17,916 times - Download now!
- Rated 3.6 by 80 users

This script is designed to help locate and remove duplicate tracks. For more information about how this is done please refer to the support forum. There is also the option to merge duplicate track data with the kept track.

This script is now developed by 'Skywave'

Last modified: June 1st 2008 (16 years and 1 month ago) - Support forum
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Backup Playlists 2.2

Downloaded 16,290 times - Download now!
- Rated 3.4 by 32 users

This script allows you to export your autoplaylist criteria into a separate database, which allows you to backup your criteria. However, you cannot import these criteria into another database as the IDs will not match.

Last modified: October 18th 2010 (13 years and 8 months ago) - Support forum
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Custom Report 3.2

Downloaded 14,778 times - Download now!
- Rated 3.0 by 81 users

This script allows the user to define their own reports. First choose the format and filename of the report. Then add columns and order them as you please. You can define the column headings and also format the data as you please. See the thread for details on the format field.

Last modified: July 29th 2014 (9 years and 11 months ago) - Support forum
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