My 'Search' scripts...

These scripts add new sources to the 'Auto-tag from Web' dialog.

MusicIP Tagger 2.0

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This script uses the MusicIP system to acoustically analyse each track to create a PUID and then querys the MusicIP database to retrieve title, artist, release year and genre. This script will therefore process any number of tracks from any album, which makes it different from other search scripts.

Last modified: July 28th 2012 (9 years and 6 months ago) - Support forum
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Cue Tagger 1.1

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This script is designed to loop through all the selected tracks and find a matching cuesheet (same filename with .cue on the end or instead of the track extension). It will then try and extract the album and artist details from this cuesheet.

Last modified: March 10th 2010 (11 years and 10 months ago) - Support forum
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