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Album Art Tagger 5.2

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This script runs many processes which allow you to tag your tracks with current artwork in batches. A confirmation screen is always shown before any changes are made, which has checkboxes to allow you to chose which tracks are updated.

The processes are:

01. Extract artwork (copy from tag to mask)
02. Embed artwork (copy from mask to tag)
03. Remove artwork (delete from tag)
04. Extract artwork and resize external image
05. Remove artwork not matching storage
06. Remove artwork not matching size
07. Remove artwork which is invalid
08. Remove artwork except first image
09. Assign a front cover image
10. Set artwork description of images
11. Embed artwork (convert link to tag)
12. Rename linked artwork to folder.jpg
13. Rename linked artwork to mask
14. Edit images one by one (no confirmation)
15. Remove artwork not matching cover type
16. Make front cover the first image

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