Project – Privacy Tools

One of the main reasons that I decided to have my own website, was to host some of the different projects that I’ve been working on. Some are in good working order (but never finished!) such as WCG Online, and others are in their infancy, like the one I’m talking about today.

Privacy Tools

Privacy matters – here’s why!

A lot of internet users don’t realise just how much websites can track them and invade their privacy. You can have security without privacy but you can’t have privacy without security. I have created the tools below to help show what websites can determine about you.

And that’s the gist really, it is designed to be a set of tools to help educate users on internet privacy and how they can be more careful about the information that they give away.
It currently looks at things like your navigator details and history, canvas information, battery level, display and position information, and connection details. It also looks at the major social networking sites to see which ones you’re currently logged into.

As I say, this is very much a work in progress, and will continue to improve over the coming months.

Check it out on my Projects page or directly at Privacy Tools.