Advent calendar – day 23

Day 23 – Star Gazer


My Lilley’s Cider advent calendar bottle today describes itself as dry and crisp, which sounds very promising. It’s another lightly sparkled one, this time it’s 4.5%.  Not much more on the website, nothing that explains the name, but it says that it’s a “slowly matured dry cider” and the reviews give it a solid 4/5. I’ll see for myself this evening.


This was a wonderfully dry cider. So robust in flavour, yet smooth and refreshing as well.  It’s a really great cider, really top class stuff. No sediment at all, perfectly clear and very nearly still, just a real tiny hint of a sparkle but that’s it.  I could drink this all day long and be a happy happy man!

If you like a dry cider, this will knock your socks off – 5/5.