Advent calendar

A little under 6 months ago, I posted about the fact that I hadn’t posted in over a year, which now means it’s been nearly 18 months.  Life has been busy, for lots of reasons.  But I do want to get back into posting to this blog more regularly, whatever it is that I’m working on.

In order to achieve this in 2023, I’m going to have a little run up. I reckon if I can post regularly this month, I’ll have already started to bed the habit in. Makes sense, right?

So I thought instead of trying to come up with lots of different topics, I’d make this easy for myself, and update you with my advent calendar!

I’m a bit of a cider lover and I recently discovered Lilley’s Cider in a local pub. They do loads and loads of interesting flavours, so when I discovered that they had an advent calendar in their online shop, I couldn’t resist the opportunity to try 24 of them!  Here’s what we’ve had so far…

Day 1 – Raspberry Mojito

Sweeter than my usual taste, but the raspberry flavour came through nicely and with a little tang to it, and a hint of mint as well. This was nice, would definitely drink again, but not my first choice – 3/5.

Day 2 – Fire Dancer

This was a nice cloudy cider, which I do enjoy, but this had an interesting rosy colour. They describe it as a “cloudy red cider”, which makes sense. I really enjoyed this one, I do like a cloudy cider – 4/5.

Day 3 – Pineapple

Also very sweet, very pineappley, but I guess you’d be disappointed if it wasn’t! Similar to the Raspberry Mojito, it was nice, but wouldn’t be top of my list to buy again – 3/5.

Day 4 – Colider

This is a Cola Cider – Col(a c)ider – get it? I’d recently tried a limited edition cola cider from a supermarket which was interesting, but didn’t really hit the mark. I was pleasantly surprised that this was significantly better. It’s probably not something I’d want to drink regularly, but a great change of pace and I’d definitely buy again – 4/5.


I haven’t tried day 5’s yet, so I’ll post about that one tomorrow.  Don’t worry, next year this blog will return to it’s usual more technical nature, but I hope you enjoy this little run up to 2023!