Hi, I’m Rik Lewis, and I am a busy person.

I’ve been a professional web developer since 2005, working for more than 15 years on rich internet web applications, with primary focus on both security and accessibility. In that time I’ve dabbled in many languages and frameworks, but mostly I’ve worked with Uniface and PHP on the server side and javascript/jQuery on the front end.  More recently become a WordPress expert, creating custom themes and plugins, as well as building sites for many happy clients.

If you want a uniquely designed and beautifully handcrafted website, or a feature rich progressive web app, then you should contact me. I can start from scratch or re-work what you’ve got, making sure it’s fully responsive, inclusive and secure.

If you’ve enjoyed or benefited from any of my blog posts or Projects (including WordPress plugins or MediaMonkey scripts), please consider supporting me via Flattr or PayPal.