Advent calendar – day 22

Day 22 – Piña Colada


Another cocktail flavoured cider my Lilley’s Cider advent calendar today.  This one is a Piña Colada, so I’m expecting tastes of coconut cream and pineapple.  As I lover of rum, I quite like a Piña colada, so I’m definitely interested to see how this will play out when mixed with a cider.  It’s another 4% lightly sparkling (not sparkled) offering, and there’s a little bit of sediment (probably from the pineapple) but not much.


The smell that immediately hits you as you lift the bottle is definitely pineapple, that’s the overwhelming scent.  I’ve popped onto the website and there’s a couple of reviews saying that it tastes exactly like the cocktail, so maybe I need to go back and refresh my memory, because for me, I’m not sure I could tell this one apart from the Pineapple one on day 3.  There’s is a slightly odd texture, which I guess is from the coconut, but I’m not really getting any coconut taste.  When you first sip it’s all pineapple, and then in the middle you think you are maybe starting to taste something else, but then the pineapple comes crashing back at the end.  It’s quite nice to drink, but I think I actually prefer the purity of the Pineapple cider.

Tasted overwhelmingly of pineapple, kind of lost the rum and coconut – 3/5.