Compare the Project

You can upload Project (XPC) files, which contain a snapshot of SITS:Vision configuration or other records, and then you can compare these snapshots to see the differences between them.

WordPress Plugins

I’ve built and released a number of WordPress plugins…

  • Better Passwords – Stop use of a bad passwords, including those in the Have I Been Pwned breached password database
  • Better Headers – Improve the security of your website by easily setting HTTP response headers to enable browser protection
  • Better Detection – Improve the security of your website by detecting unexpected changes to content
  • Better Speed – Improve the loading speed of your website by removing bloat and unused features
  • Better Captcha – Stop bad bots from attacking your forms using hCaptcha

I’m particularly interested in the security and performance of WordPress at the moment, and have plans to create more WordPress plugins.

Cloudflare Apps

I’ve built my first (and rather simple) Cloudflare app, and have many ideas for more…

  • Instant Page – Adds just-in-time preloading to your site, meaning it preloads a page right before a user clicks on it

Node Packages

I’ve built and released a couple of Node Packages on NPM…

  • php-include-html – Scan PHP files in Gulp and process include and require statements to inline HTML snippets
  • gulp-sri-php – Scan PHP files in Gulp and process script and stylesheet tags to add SRI attributes

I’m particularly interested in Gulp, so I’m sure I’ll be creating a few more Gulp plugins in the future.

Privacy Tools

A lot of internet users don’t realise just how much websites can track them and invade their privacy. I have created some tools to help show what websites can determine about a user – scary stuff!


This is my own MediaMonkey fansite, which I originally created at, many moons ago. I may need to update it at some point, but for now it’s a nice reminder of days gone by. The site still provides access to all of the scripts I wrote (in VBScript) as add-ons for this great music library software, available at