I would be Flattred

I’ve previous had a Patreon link on my site, for people to support what I do if they would like to.  Turns out that I was really rubbish at keeping it up to date, and whilst I had planned to publish all of my course content there too, you can’t actually do that without a paid Vimeo account, which I don’t have (mine’s a free one, that I barely use).

So I had a look around for an alternative, and whilst there is still my PayPal account for those wishing to make a one off donation, I have now created a  new Flattr account.

As the Flattr FAQ says…

Flattr is a way for people to support you and your creativity with money. Just sign up and link your work, Flattr does the rest. As Flattr users read, watch, listen and enjoy what you create, they will automatically distribute money to you.

Essentially you set a monthly amount that you want to give in total, sign up to anyone and everyone that you’re interested in supporting, and install a browser extension.  Then Flattr works out how much benefit you got from each of the people/things you supported last month and distributes the total funds accordingly, each month.

So how is this different than Patreon you ask?  Back to the FAQ…

Flattr is effortless for both creators and contributors. Contributors don’t have to subscribe to multiple individual accounts – one subscription covers everything, automatically. Using a privacy-friendly smart algorithm, Flattr measures attention and distributes the subscription accordingly. That means that once the extension is installed, you can sit back and enjoy the internet as you always do, and Flattr does the rest. Creators don’t have to worry about tiers, rewards or producing work on a strict schedule – they just link their work and that’s it!

Sounds good to me!  If you’ve enjoyed or benefited from any of my blog posts or Projects (including WordPress plugins or MediaMonkey scripts), please consider supporting me using the link below: