Cloudflare WARP

Cloudflare originally announced WARP back in April, calling it “A VPN for People Who Don’t Know What V.P.N. Stands For”.  That’s Virtual Private Network, in case you’re wondering.  Well last week they announced that it was finally here!

I had already downloaded the app, but I made sure it was up to date and switched on WARP.  Now admittedly you don’t really tell immediately that it’s any different, I have had the overall feeling that my internet browsing has been quicker since.  I’m sure there are some speed tests that I could be running, but I find that an “overall feeling” can often be more telling.

As an Android user, I’ve downloaded the app from the Play store, but it is also available for iPhone users from the app store.  Another thing you can do in Android though is enabled Private DNS by following these steps:

  • Open Android Settings
  • Goto Wifi & Internet
  • Go to Private DNS
  • Enable and enter

There is also WARP+ which I haven’t tried out yet, but I’m looking forward to soon.  This uses Cloudflare’s Argo tunneling and intelligent routing to improve your internet speed even further.

And it sounds like they have even more exciting plans for the future…

Going forward, we plan to add local device differential compression (think Railgun on your phone), more advanced header compression, intelligently adaptive congestion control, and multipath routing. All those things are easier to provide when someone is accessing a Cloudflare customer through their phone running Warp.

So do it now, download the app and improve both the privacy and speed of your mobile browsing experience!