Sudo font in Atom

I use Atom as my code editor of choice.  I like that it is flexible with package extensions, and seems pretty lightweight and easy to use out of the box, not too bloated or full of useless features.

However, the default font stack is: Menlo, Consolas, DejaVu Sans Mono, monospace.  As I don’t have Menlo on my computer, Consolas is the font that is used.  It’s not a bad font, but I wanted to see if I could do better.

And then I found Sudo, a free font for coders by Jens Kutílek, and I’m loving it.

Some of the main benefits include:

  • Monospaced (essentially for coding)
  • Legible (good distinction between 1/I/l, 0/O, etc.)
  • Space efficient (thinner than many other fonts so more characters per line)
  • Unique (proper “coders quotes” instead of accents)

The designed himself admits that there are bugs with it.  It’s a labour of love, something that is still in progress.  The first stage is to map out a pixelated version, and then go back and create the smooth version afterwards, and this second stage hasn’t happened for all characters.  Same with bold characters, they’ve not all been completed yet.  And italics are just slanted by 11.31° with partial corrections, not uniquely designed.

But despite the incomplete nature of the font, I am finding it perfect for coding, where space efficiency and legibility of the font is way more important than needing bold and italics.  I’m also using it in the terminal, it’s great!

So I’d recommend taking a look and trying it out.  And if you fancy fixing anything, the designer welcomes pull requests.