Akimbo by Seth Godin

There’s a few podcasts that I like to listen to, generally whilst I’m doing the washing up, folding laundry, or when walking or driving somewhere.  I generally have more on my list to listen to than I actually have time to listen, but that’s the modern world, we have a near infinite amount of information available, and we can’t consume it all.

One of my favourites at the moment is Akimbo – a podcast by Seth Godin.  There’s almost 100 episodes available, as he’s been doing them weekly since he launched in February last year (2018), and I’ve gone back to the beginning with the aim of listening to them all.

The real great thing about them, along with everything else Seth does, is how timeless they are.  Yes, I’m listening to them almost 2 years later, but they still make just as much sense today as they did then.  Something which you can’t say about a lot of other podcasts.

If you’re not familiar with Seth, he’s a bestselling author, course creator, speech giver and ruckus maker.  I’d really recommend checking out Seth’s blog as well – he blogs daily, but they’re usually pretty short and easy to digest, and certainly well worth reading.