Compare the Project – updated

A couple of days ago I pushed a new version of my new Compare the Project site, which I’ve written about before.

The new version (1.1) was primarily about adding new features…

  • Added option to exclude Project records (eg. PRJ/PRI/PRT)
  • Added ‘Download CSV’ summary action
  • Added ‘Print everything’ action
  • Added ‘Show/hide unchanged’ action with setting to control default
  • Added ‘Filter by entity’ action with setting to control auto-clearing

This covered all of the issues raised on the Gihub issue tracker, as well as some feedback I’d received through other channels.

I’ve got some ideas for some big new additions, but if you’re using this tool, please do give me any feedback and ideas for new features, preferably using the Gihub issue tracker.

For now, enjoy the new features!