Better Captcha 2.0 released

Earlier this year I released a new WordPress plugin called Better Captcha.  The main difference with this plugin over the many others, is that it doesn’t use Google’s reCaptcha, which is incredibly popular.  Instead it uses hCaptcha which actually pays out in their own cryptocurrency called HMT when people solve the captchas.

However, I’ve found that some of my clients want the security, but don’t want to sort out the pictures, so I found an alternative for them in WC Captcha, which uses simple maths questions instead.

This had been working pretty well until the other day when I found and reported a bug with this plugin, so I decided to add a similar mode to my own plugin.  Turned out to be quite a simple job!

This was released a few days ago as version 2.0.

At the moment the setting has just been added to switch it to this new “Simple Maths Questions” mode, as I needed to get it out to the client who was experiencing the problem pretty quick, but I plan to go back and add more options soon, such as the level of complexity, displaying as words instead of numbers, etc.