Creating It’s a rum life

I recently posted about a new mini-project of mine, It’s a rum life!, for anyone confused about the UK’s roadmap out of lockdown rules and how it may affect their rum consumption.

This was a fun project which took a couple of days to create.  It’s PHP on the backend, used to generate different content as we pass through the roadmap milestones.  The site has been designed to work without javascript, although it is progressively enhanced with javascript to display updating countdowns and circular progress bars.

I have used no framework at all for this site, which is quite rare for me.  But as it’s a simple site, I thought it would be a good opportunity for me to use grid and learn it in more detail – this was a very interesting experience!

I’ve pinched a couple of bits from Bootstrap (such as the “sr-only” class for screenreader accessibility), and I’ve included FontAwesome for SVG icons, and used ProgressBar.js for the circular progress bars, but other than that it’s all hand coded in VS Code.

There’s nothing too complicated in there, as I say, it’s quite a simple site.  But trying to remember how to do date/time mathematics in both PHP and javascript, which resorting to something like Moment.js was certainly fun.

I’d been pretty bogged down in some big projects, so it was nice to have this little mini-project as a palate cleanser, and I hope to find time for many more.