There’s a new social media network which seems to be gaining some traction, attempting to sit somewhere between Twitter and LinkedIn, called Polywork.

Polywork is a new professional social network to share what you do & what you want to collaborate on.

Their website certainly looks the part!  It’s currently in beta though, and you have to join a rather long waitlist – not sure how quickly they’re moving through it.  However, I managed to find myself an “invite code” online, which let me skip the queue and sign up today.

It didn’t take me long to sign up and set up the basic profile details.  It asks you to choose one of 4 assistants, which I found a bit odd as there’s no clear indication of how this might affect your onboarding or user journey – I suspect it doesn’t at all… Not sure.

They’ve got the “Multiverse” section which is where you can see things like:

  • Featured people – not sure how people get featured
  • Trending badges – things like “Web Developer”
  • Possibilities – things like “Open to volunteering”
  • Recently joined – I’m currently on this list!
  • What everyone’s doing – the main feed of posts (all/following)

I’ve only just signed up, but it looks slick so far and I’m interested to see how it grows.

If you want to follow me, here’s my page… https://www.polywork.com/riklewis

And if you want to skip the queue, try my invite code: riklewis-fearow