Now page

One thing that I was looking at adding to my site, but delayed when I decided to combine my website and blog using WordPress was a “now” page.

This is something that I discovered when looking at Jason Zook’s website, on which he has a “now” page, which itself was inspired by Derek Sivers.

The idea is kind of like an “about” page, or a “contact” page, something that most websites have.  This page however is designed to tell you about what the author is currently focused on.  This is a little different than what they may currently be tweeting or posting about, those are often impulsive, it’s more of a set of goals and recent achievements.  Imagine what you’d tell a friend who you hadn’t seen for a year if they asked what you were up to.

This kind of page isn’t suitable for all sites, certainly not a business or corporate website, but for a personal site like mine, it’s good to focus the mind when thinking about new projects – do I already have enough to focus on? – and let’s others know what you’re interesting in working on.

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Oh, and don’t forget to check out my “now” page!

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