Better Speed – a new WordPress plugin

Just 3 days ago I announced a new WordPress pluginBetter Detection.  And now here I am, announcing a second one; Better Speed.

Better Speed

Improve the loading speed of your website by removing bloat and unused features.

This plugin will allow you to easily remove bloat and turn off unused features, in order to streamline your website and reduce file requests.

This plugin is NOT a caching plugin, but should play well with any caching plugin you decide to use.

In this first release the plugin is nothing too special, performing similar actions to PerfMatters and Clearfy.  But hopefully moving forwards, I can make this plugin truly awesome!

It’s a bit of a departure from my other plugins so far, as it’s based around performance rather than security, but I think the two often go hand in hand, and switching off unused features and functionality can reduce the attack vector as well as improve performance.