Virtual coworking space

The world has gone crazy, really crazy. And a lot of people are working from home that have not done that before, or at least not as much as they are now.

For those who don’t like the social isolation that can come with working from home, or find it hard to work without the office noise and water cooler chat, Seth Godin has released Akimbo Virtual Coworking.

This is a place where people can get together online to discuss whatever they want, doesn’t have to be work related.  From there you can also jump on Zoom calls, to talk with people you’ve met on the forum, or to just sit working “side by side” so you don’t have to feel so isolated.

It’s open 24/7, and completely free for the next month (until April 19th).  It’s not a workshop or a course, simply a place where you can work from home, but not alone.