Arctic Code Vault Contributor

A few months ago I wrote about the GitHub Arctic Code Vault and how you could get your code stored away and backed up.

We will protect this priceless knowledge by storing multiple copies, on an ongoing basis, across various data formats and locations, including a very-long-term archive designed to last at least 1,000 years.

That last one, the 1000 years, that’s 21TB of repository data stored on 186 reels of piqlFilm (a digital photosensitive archival film that can be read by a computer, or a human with a magnifying glass) and stored in a decommissioned mine under hundreds of meters of permafrost.

Well I’m proud to say that I have now been graced with a “Arctic Code Vault Contributor” badge on GitHub, and the code forĀ my Projects has been included.

Although this was all supposed to go down in February, it was finally completed on 8th July 2020, after delays caused by the coronavirus pandemic.