Advent calendar – day 20

Day 20 – Crazy Goat


An excellent cider in my Lilley’s Cider advent calendar this morning.  This was the first Lilley’s cider that I ever tasted, the one that led me to visit their website and find this advent calendar in the first place.  It’s 6.8%, cloud and still.  It’s a blended cider and perry.  And it’s called Crazy Goat!


So different from yesterday’s Apple & Pear cider, this is a proper cider and perry blend.  I love that it’s cloudy and still, a perfect combination for this rustic blend.  It’s so tasty, so tangy, and so juicy.  It really is a delicious bottle and I could drink this all day any day.

An excellent blend of cider and perry – highly recommend – 5/5.