Setting up Cloudflare – Scrape Shield deep dive

I’m happy to announce that have a new course live on Skillshare and Udemy…

Setting up Cloudflare – Scrape Shield deep dive

This course follows on from setting up Cloudflare for website security and performance, which goes through all the Cloudflare settings, explaining what’s available and the configuration that I would recommend for most websites.

However, this new course goes into much more detail on how to setup the Scrape Shield section – for 37 minutes, instead of the 97 seconds it gets in that overview course!

In the course you will learn how to…

  • Install the Tor Browser to allow for testing
  • Obfuscate email addresses in a way that genuine users will never notice
  • Exclude content on the server-side so that disreputable users won’t see it
  • Add hotlink protection to your images so they can’t be used on other sites

Please check out this new course on Skillshare or Udemy.