Sorry, I’m back

It’s been 51 days since my last blog post.  Based on the 3 day cadence of posts that I was working on, that’s 17 missed posts that I owe you.  Sorry about that.

It wasn’t one particular thing that has stopped me from posting for so long, but a number of things.

Obviously the world has gone slightly crazy with coronavirus (or COVID-19 to be more precise), and there are the usual ignorati who think that “blitz spirit” applies to going to the pub or the beach in droves, but not to wearing a face mask to protect those around you.

Then there’s the recent events in America that have highlighted the Black Lives Matter cause once again, thrown a problem that has always existed into the mainstream once more – and of course the usual ignorati who retort with “All Lives Matter”, totally missing the point and proving that the problem really is worse than most people seem to realise.  I was going to post on this before, but speaking from my position of white privilege, it felt flat.

And Brexit.  It goes from bad to awful to worse.  If the UK thinks that 2020 is bad, they’re in for a real shock when 2021 kicks in, fully out of the EU and woefully unprepared, and unable to bare the cost.

Also, my personal circumstances have changed somewhat, making me feel more isolated and disconnected.  And it’s ultimately that I think which has stopped me from posting.

But it’s time for me to pick myself up, and get on.  So this is me, upwards on onwards.  That’s what they say, right?