Advent calendar – day 11

Day 11 – Elderflower


Another day, another door to open on my Lilley’s Cider advent calendar. And today was a 4% lightly sparkled Elderflower kind of a day. I’m pretty happy with this, as I usually like Elderflower, and I’ve never tried an  Elderflower cider. I’m looking forward to this being really light and refreshing.


Mmm, lovely. Really nice smell and taste of elderflower, really light and refreshing, I could sit and drink this all day long, especially in the summer.  This is right up there for me, a new favourite for sure. Obviously if elderflower isn’t your cup of tea, then this cider won’t be either, but if it is your cup of tea then I’d highly recommend trying this.

Really light and refreshing  – 5/5.