Advent calendar – day 17

Day 17 – Strawberry


Another day, another fruity number in my Lilley’s Cider advent calendar.  Today it’s the turn of Strawberry, and it’s another 4% lightly sparkled offering.  I have a bit of a thing with strawberry – I love the berry itself, lovely and fresh, preferably served with cream, but when things are strawberry flavoured, like ice cream for example, I usually don’t like it at all.  Interested to see where this cider falls.


This smelt and tasted immediately of strawberry, and actual strawberry not the fake flavour kind, so I definitely enjoyed the first couple of swigs, even the first half of the bottle. But I found myself slowing down, not really wanting to take another swig, and I think this is because it’s just so sweet.  I think it tasted less like strawberries and more like strawberry jam.  If you like sweet ciders and the taste of strawberries, then I would highly recommend you try this one, but for me, one bottle was enough.

Very sweet and tasty, but too sweet for me – 3/5.